Knight Time Rewards Program

Knight Time Reward Program

SUNY Geneseo announced a partnership with SuperfanU, a leading fan loyalty and engagement company, to launch a new mobile application called Knight Time.

The program is designed to reward students for their loyalty as fans of Geneseo athletic teams as well as for supporting other events on campus. Current Geneseo students can earn points for attending designated "Knight Time" events throughout the academic year. Once certain point thresholds are surpassed, students will unlock varying levels of prizes.

Along with providing information to include athletic team schedules and school news, the app will include a "Fan Cam" for interacting with and sharing photos across multiple social media platforms along with a "leaderboard" that tracks the fans with the highest number of points.

The Geneseo Knight Time app will be available via free download for iPhone and Android users beginning February 17.

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